Pre-book Now: ₹100/- only for a discounted price of ₹1300/- inclusive of pre-booking amount.

Actual Price: ₹1500/- (Offer valid till midnight of 14th November 2021) 


PorSCh: Portable Solar Charger, is an energy solution designed to keep you connected to the outside world while also bringing you closer to the light.
It’s an off-grid solar gadget that can charge your phone when you don’t have access to a power source and also serves as an emergency light. It’s a compact, portable solar product.
Product launching on 15th November 2021. Deliveries for pre-booking commencing from 16th November 2021.
For bulk orders, please contact +91-9650030839


Terms and Conditions:-
Being here, you are intentionally becoming a part of the pre-booking program and you hereby agree to the following terms & conditions of Pre-Booking program at http://shop.ornatesolar.com.

Pre-ordering can be done only through online payment and there is no availability of COD option.

Delivery duration is around 7 to 10 working days according to your geographical location (unless some unavoidable reason involves).

Once the shipment is dispatched, neither you can change the delivery address nor can you cancel the pre-order. 

The device purchased from Ornate Solar is meant for the individual use of the customer only and should not be resold to anybody else.

At certain rare instances, Ornate Solar is not liable in any way to provide you the product if your pre-booking demands are not fulfilled. In this instance pre-booking amount would be refunded.

The refund of advance amount due to any circumstances of inability or delay of the product as per your preference will be processed in compliance to the refund policy of Ornate Solar.

Please note that there is no cancellation for pre-orders or pre-booking of the newly launched Por-S-Ch.

The payment mode of applicable refund will be done Online/Cheque only and it is processed within 10 days of pre-booking request cancellation.

Besides, the pre-booking program states that Ornate Solar reserves every right regarding the confidentiality of the data (individual/personal details) pertaining to customer registrations to any customer/third party.

In case of any dispute, Ornate Solar reserves the right to cancel the registration at any time without prior notice.

Pre Booking Detailed Terms and Conditions:
This pre booking enables you to get an allocation on priority however does not ensure availability of device on the day of the launch, that is, 15th November 2021.
The company reserves the right to cancel/modify this pre booking terms and conditions at any point in time without prior notice.
Parties agree that any issues/legal dispute arising out of this pre booking shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts situated in New Delhi.
Offer will be valid for a limited time period and continue till stocks last.


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